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Resolved Pharmacology Course


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I am very interested in taking the Pharmacology course but I noticed that the textbook for this course came out 10 years ago! Is there a newer version on its way or not? I would rather use a newer textbook rather than one that is 10 years old.

Tammie Schmitz


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The Pharmacology Course is awesome! I used the Twelfth Edition textbook. Not sure if that is the one you are referring to.


Staff member
That is the current textbook for this course.

Pharmacology has not changed in many years is why there is not a more current textbook.

You can see a preview here:


I did a search just to see how current other editions were for Pharm.

All the intro to Pharmacology books were published many years ago as there was no need to update them apparently so don't worry you will be fine.

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