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Resolved How long after completing school do I have to get certified through the AAPC?


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Staff member
Mary Andrea Ruffolo: Is it recommended that I take a detailed with the new changes before taking the CPC exam?

Ruth Sheets:
There is no set time or limit of time before you take the CPC exam after graduation. Some people take the exam even without going to school if they have had medical coding job experience and learned on-the-job - though this seems to be happening less often these days. Having at least an 80-hour Physician Based Medical Coding Course definitely has benefits, however.

Alicia answered your question regarding ICD-10 in the June Q&A Webinar. There is also a video and blog post that will tell you it is not advisable to "hurry up and wait". Alicia explains this more: https://www.cco.us/medical-coding-certification/

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